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   Janusz Opiła Ph.D.,
   Dept. of Applied Informatics
   AGH Univ. of Science & Technology. Cracow, Poland
   Maintained by Janusz Opiła Ph.D.


This module is in introductory state. It contains macros for representation of vector field in form of set of vectors symbolised by various shapes and color coding systems. Direction and strength of vector at given space point can be visualised in different ways. While direction of the vector can be shown by main axis of some figure, for example cone or cylinder, strength and turn can be represented by length or color or volume or so on. It depends mainly on the goal of visualisation. I think, that representation of vectors in single plane is most informative by now. Besides that we need superimposition of source objects, as coils, charges, permanent magnet poles or even oceanic bed if one takes into account visualisation of oceanic currents.


   Fig.[VectorField] Example of vector field generated by this module


   GNU GPL v.3 License
   (c) 2007-now by Janusz Opiła Ph.D., 
   AGH University of Science and Technology